Zcashmining.tech was built with you in mind.

This site is built to help the average Joe get started with their first Zcash mining rig. I have read countless Reddit posts and Zcash forum threads where new users want to build their first rig but don’t know where to start.

I have been mining Zcash since the early Alpha and Beta releases through launch and still today. So I decided that I would take all of the specs, hardware research, and info the I could gather and put it into a website that will help you get started mining Zcash easily.

The rig builder is both a calculator and works with Amazons API to get you the latest pricing so you can make a rig that fits your budget and hashpower goals. The rig builder is not perfect though, since it depends on the sellers of Amazon to have stock and that is not always the case. The good thing is even if Amazon does not have the quantity or type of GPU’s you are looking for you can still build the foundation (Motherboard,RAM,CPU, Power supply) of your rig and then find other deals on sites like eBay, or Newegg.

Visit the blog page for how-to articles and information that will help you get your rig up and running once you get all your parts.

Best of luck with your rig build! –a Zcash Miner

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