Choose the right software for your rig

One of the big advantages to owning your own mining hardware is that you can mine a variety of different coins with your rig. You will notice that this site is focused on Zcash and the Rig Builder calculator is based on Solutions per Second (Equihash Algo). You can also use your rig to mine other types of coins like Ethereum which I won’t be covering here.

As you probably already know there are two dominant GPU manufacturers, AMD and Nvidia. You will need to pick the right software depending on the hardware you have chosen for your rig. There is also the possibility of running AMD and Nvidia cards on the same rig, but this can be more challenging to set up and may not be the most efficient method.

Coins that use Equihash Algo

AMD GPU Software

Nvidia GPU Software

Since these miners were made for Zcash I have put an instructional video below on how to get it set up for Zcash but if you want to mine another coin the setup is pretty much the same, you just have to point the Equihash miner to a pool that is mining the other coin of your choice.